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Welcome to the

Country house



Eten serveren

Full board

Koken Spaghetti


Kinderen spelen schattenjacht

Outdoor Classes

62 beds

Bunk beds of two or three high, with your head almost in the clouds

Sinks in the room

Showers and toilets in the hallway but you can brush your teeth in the rooms

Multipurpose room

For crafts or to watch a movie in the evening

Large grass square

Playing around and playing in the woods? We are experts in that!

Personal refectory

To also use before and after dinner for activities

Garden benches

In good weather you can eat outside! Tasty

We have been attending forest classes for years and look forward to our stay at domain Roosendael every year.

It feels a bit like coming home.

The flexibility of the kitchen staff is admirable. All allergens are taken into account and on the last day we were allowed to choose fries ourselves!

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